Q: Do you take field trips?

A: Nope.  We feel safer keeping the kids in our own environment.  We like to bring the fun to us by having special guests and exhibits visit the school.

Q: My child is potty trained at home, but he/she isn’t used to anyone but me helping out.  How do you handle potty issues, accidents, wiping, etc…?

A: This is probably our number one, most frequently asked question!  First, we teach preschool so we expect these kinds of things to come up… and they do.  At preschool, right from the start, we give the kids a tour of the bathroom and let them know what is expected of them; wiping, flushing, and hand washing.  Each classroom has an adjoining bathroom with a kids size potty, we also have step stools in the bathrooms so the kids can reach the sinks by themselves.  If we had a nickel for every time we heard “Teacher, who’s going to wipe me” shouted from the bathroom – let’s just say we’d be rich.  We just let them know (through the door) that they are big preschoolers now and they will figure it out.  And eventually they do!  If an accident occurs and the parent has not prepped for this (sending a clean pair of undies and sweats in their backpack), then we just give you a call and have you come down to fix things up. 

Q: What if you (the teacher) are sick or have to miss school for another reason?

A: If one of us is unable to teach, another teacher on our staff will fill in.  We also have approved substitutes on standby. We will not cancel school except in emergency situations (power outages, etc…)

Q: How do I register my child for one of your programs or courses?

A: Please use the CONTACT US form to request that our enrollment forms be sent to you.

Q: Will I be required to bring snacks for my child?

A: Nope!  We provide the snacks.  We serve healthy, nutritious snacks; fresh fruits, veggies, crackers, popcorn, etc…  NO sugar except occasional holiday celebrations and when Birthday treats are brought in.