When Choosing a Preschool… Pick A Winner!

Choosing the right preschool for your child is important.  There are a lot of reasons you should PICK US!

  • Our smaller class sizes mean more individual attention for your child. This allows the teacher to interact with the children on a more individual basis and more easily assess and meet the needs of each child.
  • We provide a safe, comfortable, and clean environment for your child to learn and play inside.
  • Our curriculum has been carefully and thoughtfully researched and put together to maximize your child’s learning experience.
  • We feel that our “days in a row” school week provides your child with a routine that they will respond to with ease. With this type of schedule the first day back at school each week  is the only day that we, as teachers, will have to spend time helping the children to readjust from their time off.
  • We believe children respond best in a positive environment. We praise our students freely and often. While discipline is important and used when appropriate, we believe that the more “yes” responses a child hears, the better they will learn. Good self esteem goes hand in hand with motivation to learn.
  • We recognize the importance and value of free time and creative play for children. Pretend play teaches preschoolers so much about life and emotions. They mimic the things that they see adults do and practice the skills that they will need later in life. Preschoolers need the freedom to create their own world through imaginative play and make sense of their world by acting out what they see. Free play is always supervised and often the teachers join in the fun.
  • We provide the children with play materials that encourage them to use their imaginations and think creatively. All of our toys were purchased with this purpose in mind.
  • Our classroom is filled with books, books, and more books! We believe a classroom should be filled with meaningful print which is then utilized in story time, play acting, and readily available to the child for touching, seeing, hearing, etc… We teach the children to value books and give them a head start to a lifelong love of literature.
  • We incorporate important social lessons into our daily routine such as, sharing, listening, and self control. Children perform better when they know what is expected of them.
  • We are mothers ourselves and promise to give your child the love and care that they deserve, and that we would expect for our own children, while they are under our tutelage.