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PLAY A GAME: Take turns hiding a small object and finding it.

STORYTIME: Read a story together and then make up a different ending.

BEDTIME STORY: Read a story to your child as part of their bedtime routine.

RAINBOWS: Have your child create a rainbow. Be sure they have all the colors and are in rainbow order; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. ( use crayons, markers, paint, colored pencils, etc...)

RECYCLED ART: Collect objects in your home that would normally be thrown out. (bottle caps, twist ties, small boxes, bits of paper, anything!) Have your child create an artpiece from the collection by gluing them onto a cardboard box or poster paper.

MEAL PREP: Have your child help you plan and prepare a meal.

GO BANANAS: Let your child slice a banana for a snack using a butter knife or plastic knife.

ZIPLOC: Give your child a handful of some kind of treat or snack (think goldfish) and have them fill a ziploc bag and close the bag themselves. Show them how to seal it and be patient and helpful as they practice. If they keep looking to you to do it for them, let them know that you believe they can do it. Teach them patience and follow through. If they do not succeed in closing the bag and become upset, just move it away and let them know they can try again when they are feeling less frustrated. :)

SOCK MATCH: Dig out several pairs of socks from your family's laundry. Have your child match them together and teach him/her to fold them together.

TABLE SETTING: Have your child help you set the table for a meal. Have them count how many people will be there and count out the plates, utensils, cups, etc...

SCISSOR PRACTICE: Carefully monitor your child as they cut pictures from old magazines, mailer ads, newspapers, etc... Make sure they are holding the scissors correctly.

GET DRESSED: Teach your child the various aspects of dressing themselves. Pick one to work on each day for a week; putting on their own socks, shirt, pants, shoes, etc... Praise them! Tip: When you feel like stepping in to help, stop and wait one more minute while they struggle. They might surprise you!

FULL NAMES: Teach your child both parents' full names (be sure to teach both first & last names together) Question; "What is your Mommy's name?" Answer; My Mommy's name is _____________ . ( Teach Dad's also).

TABLE SETTING: Have your child help you set the table for a meal. Have them count how many people will be there and count out the plates, utensils, cups, etc...

DAYS OF THE WEEK: Have your child teach our "Days of the Week" song to you (they have learned this in class). Sing along with them!

BIRTHDAY: Teach your child their birthday month & day. Have them repeat it to you often when prompted. Tell your child about the day they were born.

NAME TRACING: Have your child trace their name on the laminated sheet provided. Pay attention as they write each letter and make sure they are forming them correctly. (search Google or YouTube "proper letter formation" for help)

COLOR RECOGNITION: Pick a color and have your child find things around the house (or throughout the day together as you are out and about) that are that color. Choose a color they may still need help distinguishing (brown & grey are commonly mixed up among preschoolers).

TWISTING CAPS: Have your child practice twisting lids and capsoff and on bottles. Empty water bottles and apple sauce squeezies work great for this!

LIBRARY VISIT: Take your child to the library. Visit the children's section and check out a book or two. Talk with your child about library "manners" and keeping quiet, etc..

PLAY DOUGH: Teach your child how to roll a "snake" or a "log" with playdough. Teach them how to roll "balls" in the palms of their hands. Once they have mastered these skills, they can make shapes and letters.

TAKE A WALK: Go on a walk around your neighborhood, through a park, or on a nature trail. Take time to look and listen and talk about what your child sees and hears.

SELF PORTRAIT: Have your child draw a picture of themselves. Pay attention to how they are holding their writing utensil (correct if necessary). Ask them to tell you 3 things they like about themselves.

DANCE PARTY: Play "Shake Your Sillies Out" on YouTube and dance WITH your child! Be sure to do all the actions and sing along. Get everyone in the house to do it with you and your child for even more fun!

GROCERY SHOPPING: Take your child on a trip to the grocery store and let them pick out 3 new foods to try from the fruits and vegetables section. When your child tries them, have them give you a thumbs up or thumbs down as they taste each one. Talk about the colors and textures of each one. Look up where they are grown and how. Do they grow on trees, in the ground, on vines, etc...

5 SENSES/TOUCH: Walk around the house with your child touching things. Name them and talk about how they feel. Are they hard, soft, scratchy, wet, dry, squishy, etc...

NURSERY RHYME: Recite a nursery rhyme with your child. Pick one you remember from your own childhood and tell your child why you liked it, then recite it together a few times.

FINE MOTOR: Pick an activity your child still struggles with (zipping up a zipper, snapping buttons, buttons with buttonholes) and have them practice it. Play a song and tell them they can practice until the song stops to give them an end goal.

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