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We have implemented an outside drop off/pick up for our students where parents follow a prescribed vehicle route. We have received an overwhelmingly positive response from parents as they have utilized this feature. Here are a few guidelines:

  • Specific Drop-off & Pick-up times will be provided to you by your child's teacher

  • You will be given a card to place on the passenger window of your vehicle. This card will have your child's first name and will be color coded so that we will know which class they are in. Please have the card visible at both drop off AND pick up.

  • Parents need to remain in the vehicle

  • Once you have entered the line-up, unbuckle your child if possible to speed the process

  • Place child's carseat on the passenger side of the vehicle so that we may access this side, if you are dropping off more than one child - PLEASE NOTE that all children will exit on the passenger side of the vehicle for safety reasons.

  • There are TWO waves of vehicles. Wave 1 consists of two classrooms and drops off and picks up 15 minutes ahead of the second wave (the remaining two classrooms). It is IMPORTANT TO NOTE that if you are in wave 2, you cannot enter the line until your assigned 15 minute window. If you come early to line up and get to the drop off point before your assigned 15 minute window we will direct you to exit the parking lot and re-enter the lineup. This may seem harsh, but children dropped off too early take away the time the teacher has to prep her classroom and/or interrupt her already limited prep time/lunch break. Children picked up too early on a consistent basis miss out on end of class activities. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us.

  • Remember that it always takes a couple of weeks to get into a rhythm, so be patient as we all work together to make this a smooth transition!


Using the map below, please follow the dashed lines and arrows with your vehicle.  At the “STOP HERE” point, please PUT YOUR VEHICLE IN PARK. Staff members will be there waiting and will take your child’s temperature, sanitize their hands, and then safely escort them into the building. At this point we ask that you continue forward and exit the parking lot so that we can keep the line moving quickly. 


Using the map below, please follow the dashed lines and arrows with your vehicle.  At the “STOP HERE” point, please PUT YOUR VEHICLE IN PARK. Members of our staff will be waiting at the entrance. Be sure to have your name card visible (in the passenger window or on the front dash, passenger side). We will then call your child from class and walk them to your vehicle and place them in their seat in your car. We ask that you personally buckle your child in their seat before you exit.

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