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Health, Hygiene, and Safety Measures...


Mask wearing policies continue to evolve and we will watch the current guidelines from our local Health Department for guidance. Our current policy is to require Teachers/Staff who are not fully vaccinated to wear masks with a clear feature or a clear face shield. This will allow for the visibility we believe is necessary to teach young children. Facial cues and lip formation are essential tools in teaching language and contribute to a child's emotional well being, as well. Masks are not required for our students. If a parent wishes for their child to wear a mask during school hours we will be happy to accommodate. 

water bottle

We have elected to close down our public drinking fountains for hygiene reasons. There are sinks in each of the classrooms and water is always available.  We would like to ask that you purchase a re-usable water bottle for your child to keep in their backpack each day. Here are 3 things to keep in mind:

  • label the bottle with your child's name

  • wash regularly at home

  • fill with fresh water each day before placing bottle in child's backpack

school shoes

Studies show that we bring the most amount of germs/bacteria into a building on our hands and on the bottom of our shoes. We believe we've got the hands covered with frequent hand washing and use of hand sanitizer, but the shoes are a little trickier.  Our solution is to have the children remove their shoes upon arrival and before entering the classroom, placing them under their backpacks. Please purchase "gripper" socks for your child and keep an extra pair or two in their backpack.  Please choose a comfortable, easy on/easy off shoe with NO laces, buckles, or straps. Have your child practice at home taking their shoes off and putting them on again without assistance. We will be there to assist them when necessary, but the quicker the better!


Hygiene is of the utmost importance in a preschool! We teach our students that "germs are not for sharing." Our teachers/staff are continually alert to the needs of the children. When we see hands in mouths or noses we are there with a bottle of hand sanitizer or directing them to the nearest sink to wash their hands. We teach proper restroom etiquette "wipe, flush, wash" and more. 



We are following enhanced cleaning procedures as per the CDC guidelines using EPA certified cleaning products.

sick policy

While we are taking temperatures and symptom checking prior to admittance each day, it is still up to you to make sure your child is healthy prior to attending school each day. We recommend that you take your child's temperature at home prior to attending school, as well as checking for other symptoms. If your child is experiencing or has experienced any of the following symptoms in the last 24 hours - please keep them home. 





We understand that there are situations that require a different approach. Example:  your child may suffer from Asthma and have a consistent cough. In cases like this, please bring a Dr's note. 

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